Our pharmacists are here to answer any questions about your medications. You can contact us directly at (718) 448-5200, you will reach a live staff member !


From Nebulizers and Respiratory Supplies to enhancing the taste of that bitter antibiotic with special Medicine Flavoring, we offer a wide selection of products to keep your child healthy.

Blood Pressure Screenings

It’s important to check your blood pressure regularly, especially if you are over the age of 40. We offer blood pressure screenings without an appointment, free of charge.

Flu Shots

Stay protected this flu season, which can happen as early as October and can last as late as May. No appointments are necessary.

Vaccine consent form

Blister Packaging

We offer blister packaging for daily, weekly, or monthly supplies. This process ensures that you never forget to take your medications and eliminates the need to carry around bottles that can be lost, damaged, or stolen.


A growing number of people and animals have unique health needs that cannot be met with a one-size-fits-all prescription. We can create medication tailored specifically to your needs.